Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NYC and Sex & The City

Spring is always a great time to plan a quick weekend getaway to New York! I love the hustle of the city, culture and numerous options for entertainment - perfect for a Mom-Daughter or BFF getaway!

2 full days is all you need for packing in a Broadway show, power shopping and a little rest. One other NY "Must" is the Sex and The City tour, hosted by On Location Tours. Even if you aren't a SATC fan, you're bound to become one after this tour! One of the best NY tours that I've done, for $42, the tour includes stops at the SATC "hotspots", such as The Pleasure Chest (where Charlotte bought her rabbit), Carrie's apartment, and other cool locations. The bus tour also shows hilariously funny clips from the show - Well worth the 42 bucks! I did this tour last year with my Mom and Aunt D - Aunt D had never seen the show before the tour and immediately became a fan!

Mark your calendars for the special May 30th tour package, which includes a ticket to the screening of the Sex and The City movie and fabulous after party. Tickets go on sale on April 28 and can be purchased @