Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hotel Test Run

So get this…my boss has several guests visiting our office from other countries (apparently visitors think our office is the best thing since sliced bread), and he’s burnt out from the nearby hotels in walking distance that we usually have guests stay, so he wants me and my coworker to “test” a few upscale hotels to see if they are up to par for the Head Dudes traveling in from overseas. Are you serious?? My assignment is to try a few hotels in Washington, DC, staying long enough to cover both a weekend and weekday, order room service and try out various hotel amenities….for free. Say what?!

So my first assignment is (no, I didn’t choose, my boss did) the Mandarin Oriental located in Southwest Washington, DC. I’ve only heard rumors about the luxury hotel and all have been fabulous. I made reservations for this weekend for hubby and the kids (why not share the fun).

Described as grand elegance within walking distance of Washington DC’s best sights, and ranked one of the top 100 hotels in the world, this 5 star hotel is sure to please, as least I hope.

Stay tuned for my adventure – after detailed review of the website and spa booking, I trust I won’t be disappointed!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Beauty on the go

When I not traveling or trapped at the office, I love to just CHILL and flip through magazines and catalogs. Last week, I received my cherished Sephora fall catalog in the mail and Oh My! I came across quite a few definite must haves that are perfect for jet setting divas.

I MUST try this! How cool is this - just throw a few of these press & peel eye shadows in your carry-on and go! No fuss, no complicated makeup - just choose your color, press on your lid and wallah! The Eye Envy kit is only available at Sephora and is available in 6 different kits. My personal favorite for a night out with the girls is Exotic, which includes animal prints and camouflage. Fierce!

I'm a sucker for bath products. You can never have too much. Philosophy has a new limited edition gift set, 10 "classic cookbook" scents in 2 oz. bottles that are the perfect size for throwing in your dreaded quart-sized Ziploc bag ;) Scents included are Cinnamon Bun, Vanilla Birthday Cake, and Red Velvet Cake....an easy luxury from your hotel room! (or home shower ;)

Perfume on your getaway is a must have but with all of the new travel rules and luggage charges, who can keep up with what's allowed and what's not? Luckily Sephora has an entire Airplane Friendly section for all girly products but my favorite in the Perfume section is the Marc Jacobs Perfume Solid. Lightweight, stylish and because it's a solid, no risk of spilling all over your undies in your luggage!!!....sorry, just had a flashback of the entire right side of my luggage being WET because of a beauty project spill! :(

I can't wait to log on to Sephora and order up these beauty travel essentials. Have travel friendly beauty products that you can't live without? Please share!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guy's jumping on bandwagon

Now it’s the guy’s turn to getaway from the Rat Race for a custom made man-cation. Hubby just couldn’t stand the divas having all the fun, so he and his friends are heading to sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico (with my planning assistance of course ;) He calls it "El Caballero Fiesta", roughly translated as an exclusive gentleman's only party!

San Juan is an awesome vacation spot because it offers wonderful weather, water sports, golfing, and electrifying nightlife! So even though the men are headed there, it's still been on my radar for a future Diva getaway! Check out the lavish Ritz-Carlton Resort and Casino, located right off Isle Verde beach: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/SanJuan/Default.htm

or even better (although more secluded from the city) is the fabulous Rio Mar Beach Resort and Spa by Wyndham: http://www.wyndhamriomar.com/

Watch out guys - here we come!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Where's The Diva?

Hey fellow travelers! It's been a while since I've logged in to chat - unfortunately the delay hasn't been due to awesome traveling adventures :( The only place I've traveled recently is on and off the Capital Beltway to my J-O-B. Fun stuff.

I am, however, in the midst of planning a London getaway with my Mom (taking advantage of another work trip), a Mother's Day Vegas adventure and of course, the 2009 La Diva Loca trip! I'm still torn on location ideas for the Diva trip, so any ideas for a groovy girlfriend getaway, send them my way ;)

Until next time - lata!