Friday, March 7, 2008

Living the glamorous life...

Anybody that tells you that first-class air travel isn’t worth it LIES! Headed to London, I flew overnight on British Airways and while I was in business-class rather than first, the service was still impeccable! My wait was soothed with a warm gourmet meal, cocktails and plenty of snacks, in the Club Lounge while my flight was delayed. Completely exhausted by the time my 11pm flight took off from DC, the British speaking flight attendants offered champagne, warm chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. Needless to say, they had me at hello ;) Once I hit London and cleared customs (and changed over my dollars for less than half the amount of British pounds?!?), I visited the Arrival’s Lounge for breakfast and a complimentary massage and facial. Although it was a long flight, the free facial and massage made it worth it ;)

Ladies, store up your air miles or stash some extra cash – at least once in your life, upgrade your ticket to first-class!

Stay tuned for tales from my night out at Guanabara, the happy hour hot spot, with Sambuca, dance and mojitos….need I say more ;)

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