Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cabos or Bust!

Part of the fun of going away with girlfriends is the anticipation – anticipation of relaxing, endless laughter and inside jokes btwn friends. This year is sure to be no different. The Divas will take Los Cabos by storm in just over a month. Our getaways have no rules, except for everyone to come with an open, pleasant mind ready to par-tay! Because we often have “newbies” that join the group, I plan a few package “excursions” to get everyone involved and as a way for us to bond/get to know each other.

In addition to the fabulous spa and yoga sessions that the InterContential Presidente Los Cabos Resort offers, the Presidente Concierge staff has been great in suggesting fabulous ideas for our group. So far on the agenda:

VIP Diva Welcome Reception. What better way to hop off the plane with personalized service and cocktails! Welcome to Cabos!

Los Cabos Encounter Tour. Enjoy the Jesuit mission of San Jose del Cabo, the Square, Municipal Palace, Old Houses, Shopping Area, Tourist Corridor, Golf Courses, the best beaches, the best resorts, Blown glass factory, the best bars in Cabo San Lucas, areas of purchases, restaurants, etc. Stops later on to go up to a glass bottom boat to the marine wolves, rock formations, the famous arch at the end of the peninsula, Lover’s Beach, colony of pelicans…. Etc.

ATV’s Sand Dune Adventure. I truly believe this will be a trip favorite! Read one of the comments posted by a fellow TripAdvisor member!

“This was a BLAST! Even my mother and father-in-law kept up! The 3-hour tour on the beach and through the sand dunes was so much fun; we went twice and bought the shirt! WARNING: Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty, 'cause you even find sand in your underwear. Also, cover your camera with a towel, even in a backpack; it got dirty. We framed our group pictures that we took at some of the scenic spots--make sure you take one. This was everyone's favorite part of the vacation!”

Other than our planned excursions, the “PLAN” is to relax, forget about our worries we left behind the States, eat without restrictions and party!

More fun details to follow!

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