Friday, December 19, 2008


I found this fascinating quote today:

This seasonal feeling of gratitude is a huge part of why I love the holidays. The tradition of evaluting the past and planning for the future can’t even happen without the consideration and appreciation of my girlfriends. The opportunity to celebrate anything, of course, has to involve girlfriends - in order for it to be fun and special. Even the process of gift giving, is best when it involves a friend and finding the perfect gift for her. It seems the holidays are as much as about girlfriends as they are about families and kids. To me, my girlfriends are my family, so I savor these friendships and special days to celebrate them.Girlfriendology, Dec 2008

You should read the whole article.


Charm Chat said...

Hey, thanks for sharing this posting. I enjoyed reading.

Debba said...

Thanks so much for sharing Girlfriendology with your friends! I'm grateful for you!

Have a wonderful holiday - Debba