Thursday, February 19, 2009

Location Spotlight - Anytown, USA

It’s been a tough few weeks. I’m sure my stresses are no different than many of you and your girlfriends – family responsibilities, kid duties, stressful work situations, dismal news on every TV station, bailout this and recession that. Seriously, I need a break!!! Just this week, I mentioned to a close girlfriend that I was researching summer vacation trips. She replied “A vacation sounds like heaven right now”, followed with my response “Anytown, USA sounds like heaven right now!”

We don’t all have the time to hop in the car this weekend on a road trip or the funds to catch a last-minute flight to Florida. Anytown, USA is a destination that can be reached with little effort and cash but makes a huge difference for calming your mind and escaping your present zoo life.

Need to book a trip to Anytown, USA? This weekend, I challenge you to tick one of these off your list:

- Wake up an hour earlier and read a chapter in that book on your nightstand that’s been collecting dust

- Call a girlfriend that you haven’t talked to in months. And no, sending her a text message doesn’t count!

- Go to Starbucks alone or with a girlfriend, order your favorite latte and people-watch

- Watch Sex and The City, Will & Grace, Bridget Jones Diary or Legally Blonde. Trust me, the chuckles are well worth it!

- Go shoe shopping and buy a fun pair of pumps
The stress we deal with may not go away instantly, but we can take ourselves on an instant escape. Create your own Anytown, USA destination and book a "trip" whenever you need it!

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Juliet said...

So true, so true, so true. I'm going to do at least two of the things on your cool list this weekend. Great post!