Thursday, February 12, 2009

Location Spotlight - Las Vegas, baby!

Still torn on the ultimate location for a girlfriend getaway? Look no further than the famous Strip of Las Vegas! Cliché? Perhaps but Vegas truly is an awesome location for a fun, relaxing, party filled weekend!

The main reason why I love Vegas for girl getaways: You can’t help BUT have fun!

There is truly something for everyone in Las Vegas. Obviously, Vegas is well known for gambling in the beautiful, extravagant hotels, but how about your gal pals that would rather spend their cash in places other than the slots? Here are a few non-gambling ideas for a Diva-licious Vegas getaway:

Splurge and stay at the Strip hotel you love (or at least, the nicest you can afford). I’ve had friends go hang out for a weekend in Vegas, only to stay at the cheapest, dinkiest (won’t name any names) hotel. Pick a hotel that mirrors the personality of your group. I love the new Planet Hollywood – it’s swank and of course, has a true Hollywood feel. The Palazzo is new and captured my attention when it opened last year. I’m definitely making a point of checking out their suites – I love the chic, first class atmosphere. The Palazzo is also home to the Canyon Ranch Spa, the most expansive spa in North America – book appointments for you and friends for a signature cocoon wrap, peppermint pedicure or rock-wall climbing.

Eat to your heart’s content. Seriously, now is NOT the time to watch your waistline. One look at the lavish hotel buffets and all diets will be out the window! Visit Paris hotel's Le Village Buffet for Sunday brunch for an amazing meal and conversation. It’s more expensive than most but believe me that it’s well worth the 5-star rating! Another one of my favorites is Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio. It’s a TEENY café in the center of the hotel and well known for their amazing chocolate displays, gelato and the MUST-try crepes.

Adventure is the name of the game. Sin City is the perfect backdrop for trying out something new and releasing your Inner-Diva ;) Sign your group up for tickets to the sizzling new arrival, Peep Show, a sexy striptease theatre show, told through dance and contemporary music that's performed by an all-female powerhouse band!

Put your friends on center stage and take a Stripper 101 class – with a studio set like a nightclub, women of all ages can learn some pretty hot moves to take back to your significant other. Trust me, it’s a hoot! Be sure to smile pretty for the professional photo, as you aren’t allowed to take photos with your own camera.

Pull an All-Nighter. Yes, I know you typically go to sleep every night right after the 11 o’clock news, but you are in Vegas, baby! One requirement of the ultimate weekend is to stay out (and awake) ALL night, laughing and hanging out with your girlfriends. Whether you are hotel-hopping and taking in the sites, or dancing until you burn a hole in the floor, a weekend in Vegas is not complete until you hang out into the wee hours of the night.

Most importantly, relax. There’s definitely plenty to see and do along the Strip but be sure to carve out some downtime. The hotel pools are beautiful and perfect for laying out with friends, catching up on gossip. For a fun day that will feel like a road trip, have brunch at the House of Blues at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay and then go check out the Mandalay Beach. The world-famous “Beach” is made up of 11 acres, including a wave pool, beach, lazy river and swimming pools, complete with beach chairs and a DJ pumping the hottest tunes. Once you stake out your area, you’ll be there all day! Now, rumor has it that only hotel patrons (or patrons of affiliate hotels) are allowed into the Beach – but I’ve been, simply by “tipping” the gatekeeper ;)

This is really only a snippet of Vegas activities for your girl getaway weekend - the list can go on and on and we haven't even gotten to the shopping! Whether your group is made up of party gals and low-key divas, or a wild combination of both, there’s definitely something for everyone in Vegas....Just remember the Cliché, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas….

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