Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Music for the Flight - The Birth of Corneille

Heading on your girlfriend getaway and need new tunes for your flight or drive? I’ve recently been introduced to a new CD that’s worth a download to your IPod!

The Birth of Corneille is bound the rise the charts in 2009! I’d never heard of Corneille, but learning that the singer, song writer was influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder AND on the Motown record label, I immediately become intrigued (particularly since I’m a Motor City native ;) Originally from Rwanda, Corneille has already earned success in Canada, France and Japan. The Birth of Corneille is his English-language debut.

When I popped the CD in, the first track immediately brought arist, Dwele, to mind, with the bass infused beat and soulful neo-soul sound. As the tracks continue to play, I recalled another Canadian R&B artist, Glenn Lewis, with a similar silky style. Corneille’s smooth and soulful tunes remind me of Dwele, with a slightly less hip-hop edge or a male version of Indie.Arie. My favorites are Track #1 "Love is Good" since it immediately grabs your attention or soothing Track #8 "Home is By You". Corneille’s thoughtful American debut CD, The Birth of Corneille, is definitely an album that you can groove and relax to while in flight!

Learning more about Corneille’s life story certainly made me appreciate his music more. Corneille, born in Germany and raised in Rwanda, developed his interest in music as a child and credits his dad for nurturing his interest. His father actually compared his young sound to Tracy Chapman. Corneille made his first studio recording at 16 and was selected as a finalist in a tv music contest.

In 1994, Corneille’s life was struck by tragedy when his parents and family were killed during Rwanda’s massacre. Although, he dealt with his share of depression and guilt, Corneille is strikingly calm when asked about how his survival has shaped his music. Music helped Corneille overcome his guilt and find comfort in the world. In his music, many of us can find comfort in his tracks about love, the heart and his personal experiences.

I’d definitely recommend giving Corneille’s The Birth of Corneille a listen for yourself. Intrigued and want to learn more? Check out Corneille’s music and life at http://www.corneillemusic.com/

Have another must-have CD that’s perfect for a getaway flight? Post and share!

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