Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's on Your Safe List?

My family, as many of yours, has been forced to cut back on non-essentials over the past year. With grocery costs creeping up and companies laying off, Lord knows I can’t go shoe splurging like I used to. My pedicure visits have been reduced and I’ve learned to perfect Recessionista Fashionista style. Chatting with friends about money woes, I got to thinking (which depending on the day can be a scary task ;) – what’s on my Safe List?

Safe List, you ask??? You know what a Safe List is, although you may call it something else. You’re on a diet but you still “allow” yourself to eat chocolate. Thus, chocolate is on the Safe List. You’ve cut eating out from your budget, but Chinese takeout is acceptable – Chinese food is Safe. I could go and on, but you catch my drift. While myself and many of my friends have become penny pinching divas, we’ve included our Girlfriend Getaway and other vacation adventures on our Safe List. The Safe List brings you comfort and excitement, and while it may be a splurge; it’s appreciated much more, because you’ve saved and waited for it. I don’t know about you but I’m counting down the days until my next vacation. Literally. Counting. Down. The. Days....And I’m willing to postpone a few shopping trips to save up for it.

Regardless of the world around me, I make a point every year to travel with my family, travel alone with my hubby and getaway with girlfriends. The adventures may be extravagant or frugal but the time spent with family and my girlfriends is always special.

Now, give it some thought – what’s on your Safe List?

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