Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Ways You Know You’re on a Bahamas Girlfriend Getaway

Want to know 10 ways to know you're on a girlfriend getaway trip to the Bahamas? Well, here's a photo diary of SURE ways to know you're on a fabulous vacation!

1. You arrive to the airport at 4am and are actually EXCITED!

2. You let a man you don’t know named “Jerry” fit you for a toga
3. You try jetskiing although you’re afraid of water

4. You lounge, relax and gossip the day away

5. You lose your fear of guys named "Snake"

6. You play silly games at the beach

7. You reconnect with old friends

8. You become a beach babe

9. You try your luck at winning millions

10. You can't wait until the next adventure!

To enjoy the rest of the La Diva Loca 2009 - Bahamas photos, visit the Flickr account:

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