Tuesday, February 26, 2008

London update

My company policy states that all project related flights over 5 hours are to be booked in first-class – which means I booked my flight to London in first class – yippie! Now, I’m a little foggy on the exact rule – not sure if my training trip actually “qualifies” as project-related but hey, I figure I’ll take my chances. Trust me, once you’ve flown first class, especially on a long international flight, it’s hard to go back to coach ;)

Next week, I’ll be staying at the Southwark Rose Hotel – which looks good on paper but based on the reviews on TripAdvisor, I’m not so sure. Even it’s website says “There are no frills with us ~ You won’t hear us talking about luxurious furnishings, lavish restaurants and trendy bars. What you will experience however, are high standards of design, stylish but simple décor and, perhaps most importantly, refreshingly affordable prices.” Why then am I staying here, you ask? Because it is F-R-E-E and paid for by the company – enough said :)

Last year I stayed at the swank Malmaison London, which is definitely fit for a diva. Plush rooms, hip lounge, and perfectly situated near Charterhouse Square and Farringdon and Barbican tube stations, it was a great place to lay my head ;) Unfortunately, Malmaison is completely book during the week I’ll be there.

Nonetheless, I’m excited to return to United Kingdom – stay tuned for more London tales!

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