Monday, January 26, 2009

Girl's Night In - The Traveling Vineyard

With the recession looming, hopping on a first class flight may be a bit of a stretch. While we're all suffering the effects of the Big "R", that's certainly no reason not to gather up a few girlfriends for a fabulous Girl's Night In!

This week's Girl's Night In is hosted by Eryn Cadoff with The Traveling Vineyard. Imagine it: Saturday night + fab friends + appetizers + In Home Wine Tasting = Fun Girl's Night In! When you host a Traveling Vineyard tasting, Eryn will bring the Tasting Room to your living room with five full bottles of wine for you and your friends to enjoy! Your group will get to experience a variety of wines, accessories and a tasting lesson that will make you feel like you're at a world-famous winery (from the comfort of your living room ;). Oh and as a special bonus, Eryn brings all the glasses, so you won't have to worry about the stress of cleaning dishes! For an added twist, put all of your names in a hat to pull for a mystery hostess, who'll earn discounts and shipping deals!

Learn more about The Traveling Vineyard at Eryn's website: Not in the DC Metro area? No problem, simply contact Eryn and she'll put in contact with a local consultant in your area.

Go ahead, Uncork the Possibilities!

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