Thursday, January 29, 2009

Location Spotlight - Nassau, Bahamas

This year, my traveling crew is headed to sunny Nassau, Bahamas! Why Bahamas, you ask? Because of the sun, the beaches, and most of all, the fun!

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is prized for its historic presence, giving tourists a peek into the 18th century Island. Visitors can visit Victorian mansions, cathedrals and Queen Quarters as well as shop international crafts, perfumes and other luxury items. Now, I’m told that Downtown along Bay Street is bustling with wall-to-wall boutiques, restaurants and clubs - sounds fit for a Diva!

During our previous getaways, we’ve tried our hand at gambling and various sporting adventures (assuming you can call horse-back riding and ATV adventures a sport), and the Bahamas offers both! Crystal Palace Casino is just a skip away and there’s plenty of water sports available, like snorkeling, kayaking and more. Now, I’m not much of a water gal myself, but hey, vacation often brings out an adventurous side in the Divas, so there’s no telling what our weekend getaway will hold ;)

Mostly, our getaway is highly anticipated because of the downtime - Time away from the pressures of the office and family demands. Many of us are spread across the States, so relaxing together along the golden sands of Cable Beach, laying by the pool bar, and catching up on gossip is most likely the way we’ll spend the majority of our time. The countdown officially begins….

Visited Nassau and have tips for a fabulous getaway? Please comment and share!

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