Thursday, January 1, 2009

La Diva Loca - Year in Review 2008

Welcome to 2009 Divas!

2008 is dead and gone but the memories of amazing travel adventures and girlfriend get-togethers still lives on.

During the past year, I had the pleasure of planning another awesome La Diva Loca getaway with friends to Los Cabos, Mexico:

Experienced the grandeur of the Las Vegas' Bellagio with hubby and visited Austin, Texas for the first time. I've had the incredible opportunity of visiting London not once:

but twice, the second time dragging my Mom along with me ;)

And even participated in a few "mini" girlfriend getaways along the way ;)

Despite its challenges, 2008 brought peace, Change and wisdom to learn to prioritize my time so I can spend more time with family and friends. Although I wish I had a crystal ball to look into where 2009 will take me, I know I'll be surrounded by good company, great girlfriends and love. Where will you go in 2009?

Happy New Year!

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Debba said...

Looks like you had a fun 2008 and are looking forward to a great 2009!

Thanks for inspiring us all to enjoy our girlfriends and to take girlfriend getaway trips together!

Rock on Girlfriend!!!!

Debba / Girlfriendology